Welcome to The Copeland Institute, home of Healthy Habits FORLIFE Weight Loss and Optimal Health Retreats. Our setting for life transforming work takes place at La Casa de la Luz, a European style retreat house located beneath Mt. Meeker at 8,900 feet elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains of Northwest Boulder County. The Copeland Institute serves as a gathering place for the work of personal transformation and community renewal. Here we create a context for you to develop Healthy Weight, Healthy Movement, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Spirituality practices for life.

Through our preservation and conservation efforts, we also teach sustainability practices to care for this fragile wilderness and her peoples on behalf of generations yet to be born.

We hope you will find nourishment and renewal through retreat work in this place apart. We invite you to enjoy the mountain community of Allenspark, her pioneer people and pristine wilderness. Your life transformation begins here.


We receive our name from Copeland Mountain, one of the nearest mountain peaks, so named after one of the area’s earliest settlers. We glimpse this familiar triangle peaking out from behind it’s grander neighbors, Mt. Meeker and Long’s Peak at more than 14,000 feet, their familiar profile visible from the plains between Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado. La Casa de la Luz sits on 32 acres of private mountain and national forest, inhabited by elk, bobcat, moose, coyote and deer. Miners first claimed the property less than 150 years ago, leaving remnants of exploratory digging behind. No one struck silver or gold, but settlers followed, claiming the property under the Homestead Act, with a deed signed by President Woodrow Wilson early in the last century.

Mission, Vision, Core Values


To support the health journey of coaches and clients motivated to Transform Health, Clarify Life Purpose and Engage Spiritual Practices.

To empower personal transformation and community renewal through Healthy Habits FORLIFE.

To advance the vision of optimal physical, spiritual and community health for a just, merciful and peace-filled world.


Through Healthy Habits FORLIFE, The Copeland Institute equips participants to discover, create and sustain their highest purpose through healthy spiritual, physical and community practices.

We foster the work of individuals and communities committed to optimal physical, spiritual and community health through workshops, retreats and week-long adult camps.

We create safe space for individuals and communities of practice to host programs at The Copeland Institute that are consistent with our mission and vision.

Core Values

We express our highest good when we work collaboratively to create healthy body, spirit and community.

We affirm the dignity and worth of all people and creation.

We embrace diversity and create safe space for deep personal and community work.

We honor the guiding principle that discrimination is incompatible with the unconditional worth of all people.

We champion all persons of every race, ethnic background, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, socio-economic background, marital status, faith background, and those seeking a more purposeful life.